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Powder Coating Price List

Powder coating prices are typically less than those of liquid coatings when one considers the cost of quality primers and the color coat alone. The increased durability provided by powder coatings is a further plus.

Our pricing is based on time and material and parts received in bare metal condition. The following are average prices for our standard process of blast cleaning (stripping is extra cost), anti-corrosion coating, coating with black or white powder, and packing for pickup. Your price may vary depending on quantity of parts and/or linear feet, size and weight, condition, color desired, and other services requested.

$11 to $45 per linear foot depending on type of construction, material and quantity.
Auto - street legal $510 - 750
Dragster $650 - 825
Karts $180 - 330
Micro Sprint/Sprint $375 - 525
Cycle $280 - 375
1/4 Midget $225 - 310
$80 per seat
Alloy $95
Alloy-Cycle $135
Steel $65
radar arch $510
SPIRAL staircase
1 story $650

A more complete automotive price list is available

Quotes provided upon request


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